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Only you are the most real. Good night, wish you have a good dream


Only you are the most real. Good night, wish you have a good dream


“晚安”英语用法:good night 晚安,一般是亲近的人用的。

good nigh;sweet dream;sleep well;night这四种都可以。

其中good night大家都这么说good night 就和good morning一个使用频率.可以说good night dear、sweet、honey.亲爱的,甜心等。

“晚安”英语短语:1、Good night!晚安!2、Sweet dreams!好梦!3、Pleasant dreams.好梦。

4、Sleep tight!睡个好觉!5、Have a good dream.做个好梦。

“晚安”英语例句:1、晚安, 睡个好觉!Good night, sleep tight!2、晚安--祝你做好梦! Good night -- sweet dreams!3、长吻晚安 Long Kiss Goodnight4、那么晚安 Good night then.5、他向她道晚安 He wished her good night.6、甜蜜的梦!晚安!Sweet dreams!7、他打着呵欠道晚安。

He yawned out a good night.8、他说了声“晚安”, 就去睡觉了. He said, “Goodnight,” and went to bed.


Stars lit, the night sky not dark: Greetings accompanied, the soul will not be lonely; blessing, send you warm. May you have sweet dreams tonight, good night! 星星亮着,夜空就不会黑暗:问候伴着,心灵就不会孤单;祝福传递,温暖送你。




1.Please don't see me off.The journey I'm walking on alone is lonely and dangerous. 请不要为我送行。


2.I will always keep my eyes wide open so that I can know everything in your heart. 我会一直睁大眼睛 这样的话 我就能读出你心底的一切了。

3.I love the way of rain drops falling on the leaves because that is the way you loved me . 我喜欢雨滴落在树叶上的方式 因为你也曾经这样爱过我。

4.I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. Even if let me say this one thousand times,I will never get tired of it. 我想你 我想你 我想你呀 即使让我说一千遍我也永远不会厌倦。

5.Look at the stars in the sky,that's all my wishes especiallly for you. 你看到夜空中的星星了么 那都是专属于你 我的祝福啊。

6.Yep.I'm wondering if you will give all yourself to me when I need you. 是的。


7.When you turned back ,my heart twitched powerfully.Now I know it's the feeling of pain. 当你转过身的时候 我的心狠狠的抽动了一下。


8."Good night,my dear." Even if I know you will never hear it. “亲爱的 晚安。


8.When all the lights are off,when all the noise are slient,the only thing in my mind is you . 当所有的灯熄灭了 当所有的声音安静了 我脑海中唯一留下的东西就是你。

9.Thank to the god.Today I can still sit before the computer desk.I can get enough food and water.I am still alive .I am not gonna die of any disease or natural disaster.I can still enjoy your warm hug and the loving expression in your eyes. 感谢上苍。



我仍然活着 而且 我 也不会因为什么疾病或者自然灾害而去世。

我还可以沉浸在你温暖的拥抱和充满爱意的眼神 中无法自拔。

10.I miss you.I like you.I love you.I need you.I want you.I am tired of you.I have forgotten you. 我想你。







11.What can you do for me? The only thing you can do for me is to get out of my memory. 你可以为我做些什么?你唯一可以为我做的事情就是滚出我的记忆。

12.I know all the things I did are worthless to you.Even if I try so hard ,you will never stand by my side. 我知道我做的一切都一文不值。

即使我再怎么努力 你也永远不会站在我的身旁 .13.I like your long long shadow.It just seems you are unhappy to say goodbye to me. 我喜欢你长长的身影。


14.I thought you are the only one who understood me.But now when all the others konw I'm upset,you are the only one who still don't find it. 我曾以为你是唯一懂我的人。

但是现在所有人都知道我很沮丧都时候你是唯一一个没有发现 的人。

15.I have nothing but you.You have everything but her. 我除了你什么都没有。


16.Forget forgot forgotten forgetful forgettable unforgettable. 忘记。






17.There is always something I haven't said to you.It's not because of other things,it's because I love you. 总会有些话来不及告诉你。

不是因为外界的客观原因 只是因为我爱你。

18.If when you talk to me,I will have strong heartbeat in my body.Am I falling love with you? 如果当你跟我说话的时候,我都会有强烈的心跳感。

我是不是爱上你了?19.You are the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. 你是我见过的最美丽的风景。

20.Before I planned no to see you any more.The simple "hello" has already changed my mind. 从前我计划了好久不要再见你 一句“好久不见”就彻底改变了我的想法。

21.I am standing in front of mood and predicting the next thing will happen to me. 我站在喜怒哀乐面前阅读我下一个画面。

22.All right.I have no rights to control your heart.Unfortunately,you have controlled my heartbeats. 好吧。


不幸运的是 你已经控制了我的心跳。

23.When I was walking beside you,I just hoped that the moment would the forever.Just walking and talking was enough to me. 当我走在你身边时 我会希望永远都是这样。


24.Why don't you kill me? 你为什么不杀了我呢?25.I don't need a big flat,much beautiful presents or pale loving words,I just need you. 我并不需要一个大大的公寓,许多精美的礼物或者是苍白的甜言蜜语。



the heart is hurt, really can forget, do not have to pack?如果泪里有糖,是否真的可以铺张,不必划伤?Whatever it takes,or how my heart breaks,I will be right here waiting for you.不管时世如何变迁,也不管如何心碎哀伤,我就在此为你守望。

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.每一个沐浴在爱河中的人都是诗人。

Pale moonlight, I declare lonely and shadow.苍白的月光下,我和影子述说寂寞。

All it took was one glance.Now all I ask is one chance,To try to win your heart.Just give me a chance to start.I'll show you it was meant to be诗.To be together is our destiny我对你一见钟情。



Every time a good night, feeling each other's feelings.每一次晚安,感受着彼此的情感。

I'll think of you every step of the way.我会想你,在漫漫长路的每一步。

Will you be touched only after I left you?是不是等我离开了,你才会感动?I miss you so much already and I haven't even left yet!尽管还不曾离开,我已对你朝思暮想!Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.距离使两颗心靠得更近。

I miss you so much already and I haven't even left yet!尽管还不曾离开,我已对你朝思暮想!You know, you lose, I will lose the meaning of living.你知道的,失去你,我会失去活着的意义。

Close your eyes, and see yourself, you are clearly visible.闭上眼,看不见自己,你却清晰可见。

My hand not forget the temperature of your hand.我的手忘不掉你手的温度。

Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.没有了爱,地球便成了坟墓。


1、Hello! (How do you do?) 你好!2、How are you?-I'm fine. Thank you. and you? 你好吗?我很好。

谢谢,你呢?3、Good morning / afternoon/evening/night. 早上好/下午好/晚上好/晚安。

4、Excuse me.(sorry. I'm sorry) 打搅一下(对不起/不好意思)5、Thank you! 谢谢你!6、You are welcome. 不用谢。

7、 How are you today? 今天还好吗?8、Nice to meet you. 见到你很高兴。

9、What's your name? 你叫什么名子啊?10、 My name is***。


11、 What can I do for you? 我能为你做点什么?12、What's wrong with you? (What'sthe matter?)你怎么了?(出什么事了?)13、 It's time for class. 该上课了。

14、Come in please. 请进。

15、Let's get ready for class! 让我们准备上课吧!16、 Line up please! 排队!17、Attention please! 立正!18、At ease. 稍息。

19、Turn life/right! 向左/右转!20、One bye one please.no pushing. 一个一个来。


21、 Let's go back to the classroom. 让我们回教室去。

22、 It' time for (breakfast lunch supper/dinner) 该吃早餐了/该吃午餐了/该吃晚餐了23、 Please eat up. Take your time. 把它吃完。


24、Would you like some rice!来点米饭吧!25、Help yourself. 请吃,别客气。

26、Please have some fish/vegetables. 吃点鱼/蔬菜吧。

27、 Do you want anymore? 还要吗?28、 Anything to drink? 喝点啥?29、 I'd like to drink some milk! 我想喝点年奶!30、 Today we are going to learn some new worlds。


31、 Who wants to try? 谁来试试?32、Let me try! 我来试试!33、 It's your turn. 轮到你了。

34、 Don't be afraid/shy! 不要害怕/不要害羞!35、 Try your best! 尽力做/尽力试。

36、 Do you understand? 明白了吗?37、 Stand up/sit down.please. 请站起来/请坐下。

38、 Listen to me carefully. pease. 请仔细地听我说。

39、 Look at me ,please. 请看着我。

40、Watch carefully. 看仔细。

41、What are you going to do tonight? 今晚干啥去?42、I'm going to Disney's English Club. 我要去迪士尼英语俱乐部。

43、I'm going to learn Disney's Magic English. 我去学迪士尼神奇英语。

44、What's on tonight? 今晚有什么节目?45、 Let's watch TV. 我们看电视吧!46、We are going to the Pople's Prk. 我们要去人民公园。

47、Be quiet.please. 请安静。

48、Stop talking!(Do't talk.) 别讲话。

49、Don't worry about it. 不要为这担心。

50、 No problem. 没问题。

51、 Clap your hands. 鼓撑拍手。

52、Class is over.(Time is up.) 下课了!(时间到了)53、See you next time.Bye bye! 下次见,再见。

54、Well done! 干得好!55、You are so smart! 你真聪明!56、 How clever you are! 你真是太聪明了! 57、Let's have a rest.(take a break) 我们休息一下。

58、 It's time to go to bed. 该睡觉了。

59、It's time to get up.(Wake up.please.) 该起床了(醒醒)60、Wash your face/hands/foot. 洗脸/手/脚。

61、Comb your hair. 梳头。

62、 Brush your teeth. 刷牙。

63、Come on.Let's play together. 过来,我们一起玩。

64、Let's play a game. 我们来玩个游戏。

65、You are getting better and better. 你越来越棒了。

66、You'er making progress everyday. 你每天都在进步。

67、 You're always the best. 你总是最好的。

68、You speak English very well. 你英语说的非常好。

69、Do you like English? (Ilike English very much) 你喜欢英语吗?(我太喜欢英语了)70、 I'mpleased with your spoken English. 你的口语真令我满意。

71、Be brave,please. 请勇敢一点。

72、Have a nice weekend! 周未愉快173、Happy birthday to you. (Happy New Year to you) 生日快乐!(新年快乐)74、 Put on your clothes. 穿衣服。

75、Take off your clothes/shoes. 脱衣服/鞋子。

76、Pardon! (I beg your pardon) 什么!请你再说一次。

77、May I speak to***。

Please. ***在吗?78、Who is on the line? 你是谁啊?(电话用语)79、This is OSA. 我是OSA。

(电话用语)80、 Welcome to Shiyan. 欢迎来到十堰。

81、 Do you like shiyan? 你喜欢十堰吗?82、 People in Shiyan are proud of Wudang Mountain. 十堰的人以武当山为豪。

83、Are you free this afternoon? 今天下午你有空吗?84、I'm inviting you to Mcdonald's. 我请你去麦当劳。

85、At what time shall I come? 我什么时候可以过来。

86、 Is six o'clock ok with you? 六点可以吗?87、This way .please! 这边走!88、Have a good time.(Enjoy yourself) 玩得愉快!89、The same to you! 你也一样!90、 You are learning fast. 你学得很快。

91、Keep on trying. 不断努力。

92、 Put up your hands.please.(Raise your hands,please/hands up) 请举手。

93、Hands down. 放下手。

94、Be careful. (look out) 小心!95、 How are you feeling today? 你今天感觉怎么样?96、ine.thanks.and you? 很好,谢谢,你呢?97、Hope to see you again! 希望能再见到你。

98、Drink some wat...



晚晴抹花 °flower°璎珞 cherrySmoke filled ゞ away.(烟消ゞ云散)-╬ sculpture-time(→╬雕刻→时光)Have you forgotten all the pieces(淡忘有你的一切丶)ゞ spirit ○ o.o(ゞ魅o.o○)From now on I for a(从此我为句号)'old ゝ have emerged(′岁忆ゝ浮现)° dye never-failing threads-╮(° 染不尽的余温 - ╮)"Cherry blossoms road(〃 樱花路)Please call me shaCurtain丶 (英文网名注释:落幕)Allure Love≈ (英文网名注释:倾城恋)Mo Maek ζ(英文名翻译成中文:莫陌)∝ -Tenderness∮ (网名翻译:温存)Flowers °(英文网名注释:繁花)Poison丶biting (非主流英文网名翻译中文:毒丶刺骨 )Desperate 丶struggle£ (伤感英文名字:拼命的挣扎)Koreyoshi £(意境英文网名:惟美)Aesthetic ‰(唯美)⑦。

ven 〃(英文的7是 seven)Queen'ξ (女王) Only one ° (唯一)coy ∮ (腼腆)dow we(请叫我影子≈)The spread of missing pieces silent suffocation(思念蔓延丶无声窒息)The lights imitate, fall for stars(灯火模仿,坠落的星光∮)"Happiness", skating on thin ice. ‖(「幸福」,如履薄冰。

‖)异魂湘 Heretic 屏息 melody 旧城失词‖soul ≈ 冰岛忆7Ranee 追梦人 1/7dream 小R3n谄媚 ▼ 无人问津° cold- 不语却知心 ▌belie 锦年 Silkage¨ 离沐倾城 winnie° 温柔是我的 Style. 西百合花 〓 Lillian 伤痕 Recollection 哀伤之后 After sad Timetable 爱情时钟。

Leanshielt▔依靠 完美丶Curtain゛ 第六感 -Kandahar◎ litter bear、不孤单 穿心 wear heart* 空心Vicious╮ Morning air 晨光 ° 尘埃落定 -Somnr 腐朽 Eros1on ≈ 不语却知心 ▌belie 惊艳 splendide?7?7 钻石花 pu2enes 毒毒毒 (▲) 2ou1 蝎柔 EVIL-ぢ ぢ.distance▎颜诺 姿态 2Amor ▍ 别荡失太早 v2lst。

Their well ° To run away、/ 太委屈° grieva 暖兮princess 30° 妖娆 【】 Shirley 人潮疯 |▍ Excited 离骚丶 The worst° 离愁▍ Feast away 花季丶 A woman° DOMO禁语 blandness ≈ DIligEnCe 梦唇 乱情°Guetse - 冷沫°Nemesis_ □ Eternal '荒唐 Words 'very △ Soul灬叛逆 暖人心 2/1 回忆、The flower Calm°微笑 Curtain 私念 寻找 Looking Coquettish. 妖|艳。

Quorra's chord. 心弦 Smile____゛定格 红眼 |Red Eyes SecretWeapon PapaSmurf 无规则 Rules° 报应The Reaping な 永远 ▍ Forever 仅此°future 装装装 °Escape丶 Jackson ′烂漫 禾子〃 Warmth 半世迷离゜Devil 余存°d3sTiny- 缺点控 °Snug



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